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Jim Destefano


My Story and Heart:

I was called by GOD! I could stop their ( lol) but their was so much more! When I said yes to GOD I didn't realize that to attain your gift you have to experience the same life events as those you are going to serve.But when I found out my gift was to be a CHRISTIAN counselor it meant I'd have to experience all the first hand grief and loss as the children GOD would have me serve? And so I did.Today i am a Christian counselor who has been their and truly understands your pain.Today GOD works through me in HIS office(HE let me put my name on the office door lol)and the miracles that I've seen in that office are still spectacular to me! I've been doing this with the LORD for 17+ Years and I love it! I pray that I may serve you one day,and I ask you to please keep me in your prayers. GOD Bless. Jim. HSMB.


Graduated 1999

  • Rutgers Graduate School of Social Work

  • Years in Practice: 23 Years

  • License: New Jersey / 44SC05436000

Additional Credentials

  • Certificate: American association Christian Counselors / Member

  • Certificate Date: 2000

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